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Terms and Conditions

This page contains the set up terms and conditions that proposes full agreement between client (you) and Service Provider (Expert Bond Cleaning Service). Before opting for any of our services, it is advised to thoroughly go through the whole document as after teaming up with us, s/he will have to comply with our norms and conditions. In case of any doubts, please contact us.

1.Right of Entry
While carrying out the task one resident must be present on the site.
Considering the safety concerns, you may hand over the keys to property’s real estate agent.
2.Cleaning Requirements
Moving the items and furniture while cleaning up the property is not included in our services. So, an additional cost will be applied for it. Use of eco-friendly chemicals and tools is also not part of our service. Thus, extra charges are applicable for it.
Our 100% customer satisfaction is valid only for a stipulated time frame which will be decided as per the discussions. In any case you feel the service not delivered 100%, you may complain to us as soon as possible. Representative of Expert Bond Cleaning will respond to the issues in the fastest way possible and try to rectify the issue in an ordered manner. The customer is required to provide the representative a descriptive list of things to be done.
The ‘quote’ is only an estimated sum told to the client based on standard information. The quote is subject to vary if the dimension of the property or services demanded by the client changes.

5.Alterations in Rates
Following are the cases when alteration in charges may take place:
a) Cluttered property that may extend the stipulated time frame.
b) Property which have children or pets.
c) Estates in extreme shattered conditions.
d) Extra-large properties with extra bedrooms and bathrooms.
e) Time taken on property assessment.
f) For moving heavy furniture or household.

6.Parking Costs
Parking cost, if any, will be incurred by the client.

7.Equipment and Chemicals
Considering the safety measures and convenience, Expert Bond Cleaning uses its own cleaning tools and cleaning solutions. In case there is a need to use clients cleaning tools, we have full right to do so.
8.Carpet cleaning
Expert Bond Cleaning takes full responsibility for recovery of your carpet subjected to any mishap while using a suggestive method for removing the stains.
We expect a timely payment from our clients and in case of any gap in transactions; we would try to fix it as soon as possible. The modes of payment can be through cash, bank deposit or invoice mail.

10. Delay & Cancellation
In any case of delay & cancellation, client is supposed to inform the company on a prior note. A standard re-scheduling will be offered to you in case you want the slots to be adjusted.